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The White Book


Perfect Bound

8.5 x 11 in

Black & White

276 Pages

by Ra Uru Hu

The White Book, also known as "From the Book of Letters," is the second ever Human Design publication and is the sequel to the Black Book. It was written in Munich, Germany by Uru Hu in 1995. The White Book continues the journey into the roots of the system and goes deeply into the mechanics of the Bodygraph, chart interpretation and much more. Many Human Design concepts have developed since this book was written, and some of the topics may seem outdated. This new version is put together from scans of the original book. The text is clear, the illustrations are close to the original quality, but there are some smudges, slight bleed-through, and other small imperfections that come from the scanning process and damage to the original copy.

If you like the Black Book and want to delve deeper into the roots of the system, we highly recommend this fascinating volume.