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Manifestors are here to impact others. Their actions and words bring about transformation. Through a Manifestor's unique perspective, they initiate change. Manifestors can be free, independent and have a powerful positive effect on the world and the people they care about.

Manifestors have the ability to act and forge connections independently, moving and exploring without the need for outside interaction. As a child, a Manifestor's behavior might have been perceived as unpredictable and out of control. They might have gone out for a walk or over to a friend's house without telling anyone, and this could have been very startling to their parents. Because of the tendency for independent action in Manifestors, it is much harder to predict or understand what they might do. There is a predilection to punish and control Manifestor children, in an effort to get them to fit in and be normal. Being treated this way can lead Manifestors to feel like in order to act as they wish and to be themselves, they have to conceal and hide their actions from others and from authority figures.

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