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Generators are people of activity. They can be naturally full of vigor, and need an outlet for their powerful inner drive. They can tackle projects with intentness and determination, gaining momentum as they make progress.

A Generator's most powerful energy comes from their Defined Sacral Center. Their Sacral energy only functions when they are connected to what they are doing. When they love what they do, they can be dedicated and can persevere in the face of difficulties and obstacles.

Finding activities for which they have a natural enthusiasm will help their Sacral power grow and be expressed. As Generators find and connect to their passions, their dedication will lead to mastery, and mastery will lead to success and satisfaction.

When Generators commit to things that they do not like, their Sacral energy retracts and they lose its great power of energy and dedication. They might feel stuck and frustrated. Without healthy connections, obstacles can be insurmountable, and making progress becomes difficult.

Doing the things they like to do seems simple enough, but there are many external influential forces pushing for other priorities. They affect decisions. Learning to find and stand up for what feels true to them is a life-long journey.

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