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Living Your Design Student Manual


Perfect Bound

8.5 x 11 in

Full Color

138 Pages

by Lynda Bunnell

This book covers all the basic concepts of Human Design; it delves into the inner workings of the nine Centers, the Authorities and the Four Types. It is an accessible support resource for students of Human Design. The book is written by Lynda Bunnell, an experienced teacher and the Director of The International Human Design School (IHDS). She has been inspired by the benefits of the Human Design System in her own life. This book motivates people to enter "The Living Design Experiment," and supports their resolve to de-condition.

Informative tables can be found throughout the book. The following is an example from the beginning of the Emotional Center Section:

lydstudent descriptionillustration

This table is from the Projector section in the Type chapter:

lydstudent descriptionillustration2