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Chiara Gasparro

Type: Manifesting Gen. Profile: 1/3 Location: Sedona, Arizona Phone: (928) 300-6492 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Overview Reading: Contact Chiara Foundation Reading: Contact Chiara Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, Consulting, Menoting and Special Programs Design by Request.

One day in 1997, there we sat, Ra Uru Hu and I, looking at my Human Design chart.

Wow!! I listened in awe as Ra revealed my DNA code, who I am genetically: a Manifesting Generator, with a specific life’s purpose, authority for decision-making, profile, areas of conditioning, deep wisdom, and more.

From that day on I live in gratitude for a simple, “mindless” way of living my Human Design, energized by my Breathing Imprint. Experimenting with the information, my life’s experiences are confirming that Human Design “works!!” Unhealthy conditioning dissolves into compassion for myself and others.

Since 1998 I, Chiara, have responded both to myself and others who yearn to know themselves more deeply, consciously, and objectively. Moving beyond the world’s collective fears, these people are awakening to unlimited potentials for creative expression and sharing even more of their unique talents.

How to empower themselves? Individuals who find me internationally, or at home in Sedona, Arizona, are ready to “see who they are” through their genetic Human Design, then go beyond the theory and “be who they are” empowered by their unique Breathing Imprint.

Can it be that simple? That just by being aware of one’s Human Design enables one to “breathe” it into the world?

Having moved through suppressed creativity myself and used breathing for self-empowerment, I now offer my services through “Breathing Human Design.” Whose Human Design? Mine. Yours. Apart. Together.

Since the day I met not only Ra, but myself as well I, a Human Services Professional, along with my friends and clients, continue to be amazed at the depth, clarity, and wisdom of the Human Design transmission. We experiment, experience, and empower ourselves as the differentiated beings we arrived on Planet Earth to be. Via personal and social media, this freedom, creativity and aliveness is now shared internationally, as hundreds of thousands merge into our Human Design Community. Welcome all!

A few years after Human Design found me I was having a Planet Kiron Return and Incarnation Cross Reading with Ra. Suddenly he said, “Chiara, your purpose in life is to bring consciousness into form through breathing.”

Yet another “WOW!”

He summarized my life’s transformative “work in the fields of play” in one sentence! And it was right there… shown on the map of my unique Human Design! Ra then approved several offerings where I have included breath, body and movement in my services, often guiding others on a personal “journey around their mandala.”

I continue nurturing my passion to “be who I am” by supporting my Human Design with my Breathing Imprint. While climbing Sedona’s red rock mountain trails, merging with the nature elements, and studying an ancient martial art that embodies the 64 Gates of the mandala, all came together into “Breathing Human Design.”

My ability to transmit the Human Design message, spiced with passion, humor, and a few stories, flows from years of ongoing Human Design education from Ra Uru Hu and other Human Design specialists, my intimate life’s experiences, plus immersion in ancient and modern health sciences. I enjoy including Human Design in my very personal consulting services as a Doctor of Group Psychology and Breathing Consultant. I have done a few thousand Human Design Analyses, taught Human Design Courses, trained Human Design Analysts, and, with others, I have co-created early foundations for Human Design internationally…  all in response to being asked, as the Manifesting Generator I am designed to be.
We are, each of us, living art… living, breathing masterpieces.

Professional Certifications: Foundation Analyst, Family Analyst, DreamRave Analyst, Living Design Guide, Senior Teacher