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Randy Coleman

Type: Projector Profile: 1/3 Location: San Marcos, CA Phone: (949) 235-1482 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Overview Reading: $150 Foundation Reading: NA Classes Offered: NA

I came to Human Design in 1999 because a friend had found it and was so excited by the knowledge that he insisted that I had to check it out. I did, and thus began my journey. At that time you could not have found a person more unlikely to be a part of this sort of being. I spent most of my first seven years proving to myself that this was real, then studying the wheel itself. The wheel proved to be the most profound thing that I could ever encounter. So, after many years of doing some of the on line courses and listening to Ra, I decided to pursue a Living Your Design course for certification. As a 1-3 Projector, this of course was just my path to finding my own foundation.

And so, projectors unite! Well, maybe not like that sounds. But projectors do have a special place here in the Maya and it is therefore more important that we take a bit deeper dive into the knowledge than it is for the other types. A living your design guide can help point out where you might want to start. This space is for all types, I just view things through the lenses of my type, which is projector.

I usually get invitations from this site in two ways. Either an energy type (generator, manifesting generator—maybe even a manifestor) will want a reading just through curiosity of what a projector might say, especially if they have somebody close to them that they know is a projector. Or a projector got their free chart and now wants to know what it means to be a projector. I may have something to offer either way. I like to discuss how to try to live your design without too much attention paid to gates and channels, etc. Everybody experiences exposure to this knowledge in their own way, so I like to give people simple examples of how their type operates for common situations.

Do you like the idea of helping people (when asked) to come to their own conclusions about life’s dilemmas? On the other hand, do you like the idea that you may come to the right conclusion about something by way of a simple question that somebody asks you?

Professional Certifications: Living Design Guide