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Brian D. Stout

Type: Manifesting Gen. Profile: 2/4 Location: Lakewood, Colorado Phone: NA Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.HDLCDenver.com Overview Reading: $85 Foundation Reading: $250 (includes the 55 page computer printout offered through IHDS) Classes Offered: Living Your Design, PTL1, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, Monthly Human Design Forum

I was introduced to Human Design by a dear friend of mine. When she showed me the descriptions of the channels I have defined, the description was so specific, so accurate, and so revealing that I was immediately intrigued! I quickly began investigating Human Design and what insight it had as to how I operate in the world. Within a few months, I was pursuing my certification as a Human Design Analyst. This 3 1/2 year process was completed December 1, 2012.

For me, it is a sacred service and a high privilege to provide a Human Design reading for someone. It is a process I take sincerely and with great reverence. I speak from a stance of knowing that each person is whole, complete, and is missing nothing of importance. I know that each person carries an energy that is a beautiful segment of the entirety of what it means to be a human being. Having the ability to bring to a  persons awareness a practical, evolutionary, and empowering relationship to the energy they came in to this world with fulfills what I have come here for and brings me deep, deep satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in Human Design and I do hope that you will pursue this illuminated science of differentiation; whether it be with me or with any other analyst certified through the international body.

Many blessings,
Brian D. Stout

Professional Certifications: Foundation Analyst