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Christine Spicer

Type: Reflector Profile: 6/2 Location: Auckland, New Zealand Phone: NA Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.spiritedleadership.co.nz Overview Reading: $75 Foundation Reading: $175 Classes Offered: Living Your Design

I am a Reflector living in New Zealand and love living my design.  I am also sincerely fascinated in the process of helping others experience and live as themselves.

Working for many years as a Coach and Mentor in the field of human potential specifically Leadership Development, I have come across many tools that provide insight into ourselves.  I have found Human Design to be unparalleled in its insights, wisdom and most of all its practicality.  Human Design allows us to circumvent years of tedious developmental work and step into a profound relationship with ourselves in a way in which no other tool comes close.
One of the most frightening reassurances offered to people today is, “Just be yourself”.  Most people don’t know what that is or could be.  We tend to invest more energy in what we are not than in who we are.  I love helping people access who they are and let go of who they are not.  Making decisions from our own body wisdom and strategy allows us to access uniqueness and feel for the first time in our lives that we are truly standing in ourselves even when all around us everything is shifting.
I am a Living Your Design Guide and Certified Analyst.  As a Reflector I am able to experience the energy of each and every type and feel rapport.  If you are also a reflector I can also offer the support of my personal experience gathered since 2005.  Whoever you are, whatever your design, it would be a privilege to assist in the unfolding of living and leading as you are designed!
I know that New Zealand is a long way from many of you who may be reading this.  I work face-to-face in NZ or virtually online.  I am only as far away as your computer!
Sincerely, Christine

Professional Certifications: Living Design Guide, Foundation Analyst, Senior Teacher