Reference Books


The Profile and Type Reference book contains overviews of each of the Four Types and each of the Twelve Profiles. The bulk of the text is comprised of descriptions of the Forty-Eight Profile and Type Combinations and how they...


Rave Bodygraph Circuitry is an in-depth journey through the Circuits and Channels. It illustrates the connections between Circuit Groups, Circuits, and Channels. The book also describes each Channel and how...


The Line Companion is an extensive commentary on the Gates and Lines as listed in the Complete Rave I'ching. In this commentary, Ra describes each Gate and Line in much more depth and detail. All quotes from the..


The Global Incarnation Index covers the 192 Incarnation Crosses. It is organized by Gate, with descriptions for Right angle, Juxtaposition, and Left angle Incarnation Crosses...


This book is a reference and keynoting guide to Circuits, Channels and Gates. It includes Advanced keynotes for: Gates of Melancholy, Fear, Love, Dreamrave Keys, Mystical, Sexual, Physiological and Mammalian


This is our most complete reference book. It describes every Gate and Line. The Rave I'Ching covers: Gate & Hexagram Name, Channel Name, Harmonic Gate, Circuit the gate is apart of, Astrological position and sign...