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PTL1.2 - Professional Training Level 1 - 2nd Semester

Semester 2 of the Analyst training, with Jakub Stritezsky
PTL1.2 - Professional Training Level 1 - 2nd Semester Image
PTL1.2 - Professional Training Level 1 - 2nd Semester Image

April - June, 2020 (11 classes in a semester)

PTL1 course provides a comprehensive step-by-step training process designed to build your analyst skills and confidence in doing a Human Design Foundation Reading. The three-semester program is the core of the professional analyst training. You can read more about the whole course here or watch the intro presentation to the whole 3-semester course on YouTube.

Semester 2 focuses on the OPENNESS and covers:
- Learning the energetic priorities & structure of the Foundation Reading
- Learning and practicing keynoting – the art of stringing individual elements of a chart together to do a reading
- Learning the gates and their lines, starting with the lines in your own chart (with tips on how to read the Rave I’Ching) - Recognizing the True-self and Not-self potential in a chart and describing it in an empowering way
- Combining your analyst skills with people skills to build a rapport with a client
- The creative potential of the openness
- Possible conditioning of the openness
- How the dilemmas and challenges of the openness are solved by respecting the energetic priorities of the design

The PTL1 training is a combination of developing presentation skills, verbal clarity and fluid communication skills in reading situations. We focus on building a well-organized reading structure and the ability to present an understanding of personal transformation through the Human Design experiment in living.

You will learn an ingenious and simple reading protocol that provides a step-by-step structure to analyze and read a chart, based on its energetic priorities. This protocol was designed by a master practitioner and teacher, Genoa Bliven, exclusively for Human Design America. It will support you in presenting a truly empowering and comprehensible reading to your clients - in your own words and based upon your own authentic experience.

Practicing and demonstrating your competence is an integral part of this course. By the end of third semester, you will learn to deliver a complete, well-organized, and finely articulate reading in 30 minutes. Class instruction provides all of the necessary elements to do an efficient and clear reading in the simplest and most direct ways. To develop presentation mastery, students combine exercises to create cohesive, powerful and well-structured readings.

STUDENT'S FEEDBACK (more feedback here )
Hi Jakub, 
I am having a great time de-conditioning from the program. I really had no idea while starting HD that this was actually going to unfold, although I did trust my Sacral it would. I just wanted to say thank-you for your classes, they are all very detailed and detail is my thing. I have been considering who I would want as a teacher for the PTL's and I pick you. I find you informative, straight up, funny, I know you prepare and how much time you put in. I learn a lot when you teach so it is a good mix. So I am just saying hi and thank-you for LYD, ABC and RC classes. You are awesome Jakub, thank you so much, really.
Lisa Fraser

Mondays at 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 3 pm GMT / 5 pm European. Class length is 2 hrs max.
Classes take place in the interactive on-line classroom platform ZOOM.

Jakub is an experienced Human Design professional and teacher. For the past five years, he has been leading live Human Design courses & workshops and has guided 2 groups of students through the entire PTL curriculum already. He has also been organizing live workshops with Genoa Bliven and assisted him on all levels of the Human Design general and professional training. You can read more about Jakub here.

Early bird price: $1,050
Regular price: $1,100
Payment plan is possible, however with the regular price.
Auditing fee: $397 / $497 - for students who have already taken PTL1.2 before with HDA / with another teacher

If you have any questions or need a special payment arrangements, please contact Jakub at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


April - June, 2020

Class Time: 8 am PST / 11 am PST

Prerequisites: Living Your Design, Rave ABC and Rave Cartography courses

Class Material: Rave I'Ching, The Line Companion

Price: $1,050