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Living Your Design

A foundational course of the Human Design System, with Jakub Stritezsky

July 3rd - September 3rd, 2019- over 10 hrs of lessons (videos & mp3s) - 8 x 100 min classes (live online)Students will get access to Lesson 1 on June 19th, the first online class will be on June 25th. Are you ready to explore your gifts and express your talents? Look beneath the surface of your reality. Find out what motivates & drives your actions. Meet the beauty & mystery of what it means to be you. Imagine being able to fully express your potential. To know your core gifts and tap into your resources... For more details, CLICK…

July 3rd - September 3rd, 2019

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Rave ABC

With Jakub Stritezsky

September 4th - October 29th, 2019Over 5 hrs of lessons (in member's area of the web) and 8 x 90 min classes (live online)First online class is on September 10th The Living Your Design course introduces many topics and the Human Design System as a whole. On the other hand, Rave ABC course focuses exclusively on three topics. This focus enables a deeper understanding of the Human Design and a more personal relationship with one’s design. Topics covered in the ABC course:- Conscious and unconscious activations (Personality & Design)- Hexagram Structure: lines 1-6, their values and frequency, harmonies and resonances-…

September 4th - October 29th, 2019

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Rave Cartography

With Jakub Stritezsky

October 30th - December 17th14 lessons (over 28 hrs of video/audio) & 7 live classes (online)FIRST ONLINE CLASS IS ON NOVEMBER 5TH Topics covered in the course:- Channels and the energy movement within the Bodygraph- Profiles, eight role gates (profiling gates) and their lines- Angles of the Incarnation Crosses- Alignment with Profile- Design dilemmas and their resolution- Keynoting practice (the art of chart reading & interpretation) Watch the Open House recording - 60min intro presentation about the course. You can read student's feedback EACH CLASS & WORKSHOP WILL BE AVAILABLE AS VIDEOS (+ MP3 DOWNLOADS) IN THE MEMBER'S AREA OF…

October 30th - December 17th, 2019

$847 Early bird: $747

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PTL2.1 - Professional Training Level 2 - 1st Semester (Connections)

With Jakub Stritezsky

September 30th - December 9th, 2019 Mondays (10 classes) This 10 week professional training course covers the core elements of relationship analysis for you in your Professional Analyst Training. It provides you with an understanding of how the energy connects between the auras of 2 people, and creates the possibility for clarity and alignment in our relating with each other. The Connections Course will give you the skills you need for recognizing the similarities and differences between people, to see how the energy dances between us - and open up to more authentic ways of communicating. This course also includes…

September 30th - December 9th, 2019

$ 800

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PTL1.1 - Professional Training Level 1 - 1st Semester

Semester 1 of the Analyst training, with Jakub Stritezsky

January - March, 2020 (11 classes in a semester) PTL1 course provides a comprehensive step-by-step training process designed to build your analyst skills and confidence in doing a Human Design Foundation Reading. This deep dive into the Bodygraph’s mechanics also facilitates an intense shift in student's own process of deconditioning. OPEN HOUSE - Course introduction and presentationYou can watch the recording of the presentation to find out more about the course, its content, structure, resources, requirements, the teacher and more. Watch the recording on YouTube. Topics covered in the PTL1 course:- Learning the energetic priorities & structure of the Foundation…

January - March, 2020

Earlybird price $1,050

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PTL1.2 - Professional Training Level 1 - 2nd Semester

Semester 2 of the Analyst training, with Jakub Stritezsky

April - June, 2020 (11 classes in a semester) PTL1 course provides a comprehensive step-by-step training process designed to build your analyst skills and confidence in doing a Human Design Foundation Reading. The three-semester program is the core of the professional analyst training. You can read more about the whole course here or watch the intro presentation to the whole 3-semester course on YouTube. Semester 2 focuses on the OPENNESS and covers:- Learning the energetic priorities & structure of the Foundation Reading- Learning and practicing keynoting – the art of stringing individual elements of a chart together to do a…

April - June, 2020


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