Living Design Guide

Genoa Bliven
Kilauea, Hawaii
Genoa Bliven Genoa Bliven's Rave Chart
Type: Manifestor
Profile: 3/5
Location: Kilauea, Hawaii - USA
Phone: (505) 603-5054
Email: hdamerica [at] mac [dot] com
Overview Reading: $99
Foundation Reading: $300. Full or partial scholarships available.
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, PTL1 - PTL4, Mentoring, Variable and 4 Transformations, Teacher Training (contact for details)

I first encountered the Human Design System the day after the new Moon in August 1995. I met Ra Uru Hu shortly afterwards and participated with his teaching through its completion in 2011. I saw the Human Design emerge into the world, one step at a time over these 17 years to form one complete and symmetrical whole. Ra fused the beginning of his teaching with its fulfilled conclusion, closing the circle and welding the ring together before he died. Now we have the opportunity to teach and use Human Design in its complete form.

The Human Design is a method of perceiving and participating in a leap of consciousness. This leap is essential to our survival as a life-form and is centered through unique individuals, who can perceive their own evolution, acquire relational intelligence and communication skills. Throughout the world people are waking up to a shift in their perception and sense of their responsibility to their personal lives and the ecosphere. The Human Design maps and grounds this leap through surprisingly poignant and useful information, which leads to a free and open inquiry about how we live and communicate honestly.

We can understand the Human Design through the evolution of our own consciousness. For the nine-centered vehicle, this mapping system is not complicated or difficult. When clearly presented, it is an orderly and progressive process. The study of Human Design and your own living design experiment, wake up the body-mind itself, which suddenly understands what it has been pursuing. The learning that leads to this self-realization needs to be tailored by each individual according to their educational needs and their learning modalities. Their education needs to be rich and varied, then suddenly the whole being creates a synthesis, which is completely unique to the person.

In 2003, I became director of Human Design America. Since that time we have transformed the publishing company to make Human Design more accessible. I also founded The Human Design College where students can enter their own revolution in consciousness with full respect for their personal authority and process. I have assembled a progressive team of teachers from throughout the world who teach from their own deep knowledge, personal revelation and experience. I am tremendously excited about this work where every day brings new experiences and inspirations to all aspects of the Human Design knowledge. We are just at the beginning of this process, which is so alive!

Presently, I take time for my own creative process and to be in constant communication with our web development team, publication projects, students and our teaching team. I generate a stream of audio clips for Human Design Radio, which distributes Human Design teaching worldwide for free. I teach elements of Human Design on every level, online in 32 different countries, and train certified analysts and teachers, while also sitting on the international testing board. On a daily basis, I spend lots of time organizing and revising classes to reflect the newest and most empowering methods. While teaching students from beginners to advanced professionals, I give concrete examples and demonstrate how to work body-graph mechanics to birth new levels of understanding. Working together with team members, we teach live workshops using creative, associative writing and artistic process where students can discover revelation for themselves. We are developing new Human Design publications, designed to streamline the teaching and make it more accessible and relevant to contemporary society. Finally, I do readings from the nine-centered perspective to assist people to make inspired decisions to live as completely free people through honest communication.

Jakub Stritezsky
Manifesting Generator
Prague, Czech Rep.
Jakub Stritezsky Jakub Stritezsky's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 2/4
Location: Prague, Czech Rep.
Phone: (+420) 776 888 448
Email: jakub [at] humandesign [dot] net
Overview Reading: Not offered
Foundation Reading: $200
Classes Offered: Living Your Design

In summer 2006, a friend of mine had my chart on his computer screen one day when I came for a visit. He showed it to me and said: “This is you”. Whoa! I was hooked, wanting to know more. Almost immediately, I began studying Human Design and went through all the courses of the general and professional training, first with Lynda Bunnell and later again with Genoa Bliven.

Genoa became my mentor and friend. Since 2010, I have been assisting him in the Living Your Design, Rave ABC and Rave Cartography courses, as well as in all levels of the professional training (PTL), translating his lessons into Czech and holding live workshops after each of his class. I have also been organizing transformational summer workshops with Genoa in the Czech Republic since 2011.

Living in Prague and given my 2/4 profile, I naturally became the messenger of Human Design System in the Czech Republic, where literally nobody knew about it. I have done many public introductions, live classes, workshops, some interviews and even TV appearances. I have also done over 2.000 Foundation Readings for clients from all over the world.

By now, I've guided over 200 students through Living Your Design courses. Many of them continued their studies in the following courses (and 15 of them are in the final stages of professional training). In these courses, I was their guide and Genoa’s assistant. I cannot emphasize enough how important it was for me to be able to work with students (and often times also reading clients) live, in-person. It presented me with many opportunities to discuss, share and grow in my understanding of the Human Design. I am now bringing my experience into on-line teaching for Human Design America.

Being in my 9th year into the experiment, and having seen the transformation of my friends, students and clients first hand, it is very clear to me how powerful and precious this knowledge is. I wish for everyone who so desires to have the opportunity to know his/her own design. I can offer you my experience, structured understanding and sensitive support to empower you. To introduce you to yourself, your magic, your power and your weakness, so that you can let go of projections, conditioning and expectations. So that you can live the life that you were born to live.

Wishing you good luck and self-love,


Lasita Shalev
Kilauea, Hawaii
Lasita Shalev Lasita Shalev's Rave Chart
Type: Generator
Profile: 5/2
Location: Kilauea, Hawaii - USA
Phone: (505) 603-5054
Email: hdamerica [at] mac [dot] com
Overview Reading: $64
Foundation Reading: $135
Classes Offered: Living Your Design

I began studying the Human Design System in 1995. I was first fascinated by the uncanny accuracy of the line descriptions and started delving into it in great depth. In those days, we were making charts by hand, colouring the red before the black, taking an hour over each chart before we could see the whole Design. It was an exciting process for every chart. This was part of our studies.  

I witnessed as each phase of Human Design emerged from Ra Uru Hu’s teaching over the years, like the clarification of Types, Strategies and Authorities.

I studied in person with Ra Uru Hu, including the Analyst Training in 1998, when he introduced Profiles and Hexagram Line Resonances and Harmonies and the analogy to the floors of a House, for the first time.

As the Assistant to the Director of Human Design America, Genoa Bliven, I have participated in deep research into celestial mechanics and the connection of Human Design with ancient zodiacs and done many detailed calculations.

My background in Biochemistry and Western Medical studies also prepared me for study of the Genetic aspects of Human Design and exploration of the Binary Numbering System.

I am a Living Design Guide and I love teaching Living Your Design courses.
I have assisted with several Rave ABCs and Rave Cartography classes online and in person, as part of my teaching-practicum and am finishing my teacher training this Summer. I have also facilitated tutorial study groups for several years already. I specialize in looking at Relationship charts.
Working with the wonderful teaching-team at Human Design America has been a very rewarding experience. We have developed a multi-voice approach which is egalitarian and very vital. Teaching students in up to 32 different countries is thrilling.
I also work with students in my capacity as Registrar for the Human Design College, and support them to get answers to their questions and concerns.

With a background in Nonviolent Communication, Co-Counseling, Waldorf Education, Mediation and Creative Writing, I have spearheaded an effort to use clear and compassionate language in Human Design and to avoid any oppressive terminology. I have worked hard to refine how we speak to people about Human Design so that we empower them. Working as a support-person to individual students has allowed me to guide them to give people information about their charts in a positive way.

Darshana Mathews
Santa Cruz, USA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Darshana Mathews Darshana Mathews's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 3/5
Location: Santa Cruz, USA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 4045 1239
Email: darshana [at] human-design [dot] org
Overview Reading: Half hour - 400 DKK or $75
Foundation Reading: One hour - 800 DKK or $150
Classes Offered: Holistic Analysis, Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography

My journey with Human Design began in 2005. My life had taken me on many roads that carried a commonality: this deep pull in me to understand the nature of existence. Each modality I explored gave a greater understanding yet the connection between the experiential and the theoretical was too vast. Through years of inquiry into the system of Human Design, I have found this bridge. Human Design gives the understanding that we, each of us, are born as unique expressions of Being, as Awareness whose only purpose is that of giving, our pure, creative, non-strategic intelligence to the ever present now.

With this system we can follow the path of our life from our moment of birth; through the years of disorientation by having our individuality challenged and conditioned by other's ideas and opinions of what was right for us. And, through Human Design, we can come back to the exquisite beauty of our Being that we sense is there, yet it slips away into everyday living, everyday struggles. This journey of reawakening to our inherent beauty and unfoldment of actualization is one I feel so a deep sense of joy to be able share.

Dvir Itzhaki
Dor, Israel
Dvir Itzhaki Dvir Itzhaki's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 4/1
Location: Dor, Israel
Phone: +972-772039967
Email: dvir [at] humandesignisrael [dot] co [dot] il
Overview Reading: $60
Foundation Reading: $140
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography

I met Human Design in 2000, and to be honest I didn't expect much. After 30 years of intensive energy work and meditation, I didn't expect to find such basic understandings, understandings that I didn't find anywhere else.

At this point in my life, I had experienced a lot of inner richness but was still struggling to find how to connect with the world in a way that would work for me.  There are endless pressures - what is the right thing to do and how to do it, so many ways to navigate in the world, but how to recognize what is right and true for me?

In Human Design, I finally found the User Manual that didn't arrive when I was born.  I felt that the information truly helped me to claim my life back…not the perfect life, but a life which is valuable for me. Finally the tangle of my life began to unravel.

I felt so comfortable with Human Design, like coming home. Gradually it became my central area of engagement, both a hobby and a professional occupation under one roof.  In those years I studied and taught Human Design in Sedona, Arizona, where I was living with my wife and daughter. I was aware that a healthy community can support us implementing the knowledge in our lives and I hosted meetings of the Human Design Community at our home in Sedona.

After 12 years of experience with Human Design, I feel that the knowledge is an organic part of me.

I was born and raised in Israel. In 1985 I went on a magical journey of self-discovery and studies that continue to this day. My way took me through different countries and cultures; India, France, and the USA. In each country I learned the language & culture and moved deeper on my journey, studying and working with various therapies and music.

In 2012, my family and I moved to Israel, where I am participating in bringing this amazing knowledge into the Hebrew language and to people in this part of the world. I continue to be part of the Teaching Team of the Human Design America Online Campus as well as working on the ground in Israel.

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing this journey with you.

Christine Spicer
Auckland, New Zealand
Christine Spicer Christine Spicer's Rave Chart
Type: Reflector
Profile: 6/2
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: NA
Email: christine [at] humandesign [dot] nz
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $200 via Skype
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography

I'm a Reflector living in New Zealand and love living my design.  I am also sincerely fascinated in the process of helping others experience and live as themselves.

Working for many years as a Coach and Mentor in the field of human potential specifically Leadership Development, I've come across many tools that provide insight into ourselves.  I've found Human Design to be unparalleled in its insights, wisdom and most of all its practicality.  Human Design allows us to circumvent years of tedious developmental work and step into a profound relationship with ourselves in a way in which no other tool comes close.

One of the most puzzling reassurances offered to people today is, “Just be yourself”.  Most people don’t know what that is, or could be.  We tend to invest more energy in what we are not, than in who we are.  I love helping people access who they are and let go of who they are not.  Making decisions from our own body wisdom and strategy allows us to access uniqueness and feel for the first time in our lives that we are truly standing in ourselves even when all around us everything is shifting.  

I'm a Certified Human Design Teacher and Analyst and also a Living Your Design Guide. My first love is working with Human Design, especially facilitating live workshops and retreats, experimenting with the energy of each type and design. The learning from this mode of teaching and learning is profound.

As a Reflector I'm able to experience the energy of each and every type and feel rapport.  If you're also a reflector, I can offer the support of my personal experience gathered since 2005.  Whoever you are, whatever your design, it would be a privilege to assist in the unfolding of living and leading as you are designed!

I know that New Zealand is a long way from many of you who may be reading this.  I work face-to-face in NZ or virtually online.  I am only as far away as your computer!  

Lunar Light (* Christine

Theresa Blanding
Manifesting Generator
Boulder, Colorado
Theresa Blanding Theresa Blanding's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 3/5
Location: Boulder, Colorado - USA
Phone: (303) 668-1948
Email: theresa [at] HumanDesignStrategies [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $200
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, Analyst Training (PTLI-PTLIV)

Theresa has been coaching people for over 35 years. For the last 14 years, she has incorporated the Human Design System as a primary tool for empowering others. Some comments from Theresa’s clients:

“Theresa makes your Design come alive and relevant to your movement through life with her gift of being able to zero in on exactly where you are and without judgment or evaluation.” —S.A.

“My work with Theresa, both professionally and personally, has given me insights into myself as an individual and as part of a community. She helps me to open new ways of seeing, and with that new vision, the world around me and the world at large make more sense.” —V.W.

“Working with Theresa invites an exploration of who you are. Because of her capability of seeing who people really are, she allows that to exist as if it’s real. It’s very freeing to have someone allow this and having the opportunity on an on-going basis to explore your Self.” —O.S.

“Today's session was incredibly enlightening and helpful. You rock!” —B.N.

Theresa has been an educator and teacher for more than 15 years at the university and technical school level. She has been a certified International Human Design teacher since 2001 Comments from Theresa’s students:

“Theresa has a peace about her that comes from really “living her design.” I wanted to find that degree of self-acceptance and grace, so I decided to take some of her classes. What I like most is the one-to-one interaction. Theresa patiently answers my questions and explains things so I understand Theresa shares her knowledge with humour and reverence, yet she always stresses that while the information is fascinating, the payoff comes from really living/experimenting with the information. If you’ve ever been even slightly curious about how to be the best “you,” or what your purpose is, I highly recommend you take a class with Theresa; I promise it will be profound.” —L.A.

"Theresa weaves complex and compounding information with humor and common sense into an exceptionally cohesive and comprehensible learning experience. Her years of Human Design experience show in her graceful command of all texts and charts. I am so grateful to have learned from the woman who wrote the book!" —L.C.

An emotional Manifesting Generator on the Right Angle Cross of Contagion, Theresa empowers her clients and students to direction and purpose in their lives. Certified as a Human Design Analyst since 1997, Theresa works with clients through foundation, life cycle, and relationship readings, as well as on an ongoing basis with advanced sessions. Certified as an International Human Design Teacher since 2001, Theresa teaches the following courses: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, and Professional Level I.

Theresa always intended to pursue a PhD if she ever found a topic fascinating enough to motivate such extended study. Human Design was just such a discipline and she has been studying it in depth since 1997. She has studied directly with Ra Uru Hu in Taos, Sedona, Vienna, Diessen, and Ibiza during these years. She presented Management by Design at the first Biversity held in Diessen, Germany in 2001.That same year she edited Incarnation Crosses: The Global Incarnation Index and in 2005 she authored the IHDS Rave ABC Student Manual, and co-authored the IHDS Rave Cartography Student Manual.

Theresa has an eclectic background, with more than thirty five years managing, educating, and studying people with a focus on authenticity. Early in life, she realized that her education needed to synthesize various disciplines. Thus, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Design and Economic Evaluation and a Masters’ degree in Telecommunications, both interdisciplinary programs. Years in the corporate world, as at NBI and US West, were followed with a stint in the academic arena, as an Associate Professor of Computer Sciences at Regis University and the Dean of Continuing Education at Naropa University. To round things out, she added non-profit experience as the Executive Director of the Rolf Institute. From the more esoteric side of things, she studied the Arica method and ennegram with Oscar Ichazo for twenty years and Tai Chi Chuan with Jane and Batan Faigo, senior students of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing for several years.

Contact Theresa for further information about her classes, readings, and coaching sessions.

Josette Lamotte
Manifesting Generator
Culver, California
Josette Lamotte Josette Lamotte's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 6/3
Location: Culver, California - USA
Phone: (323) 929-7678
Email: jh [at] humandesigninstitute [dot] com
Overview Reading: $50
Foundation Reading: $150
Classes Offered: BG5 Training Program, Radical Transformation Workshop, Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, LYD Guide Training, Analyst Training

Now in my 13th year of being dedicated to Human Design, I have a holistic approach to well-being with the Human Design System at its core. I use this unique and revolutionary system to help others understand how they relate to themselves and how they can improve different aspects of their lives.

Being fluent in two languages, I have a keen insight to both American and European cultures. As the Director of Human Design France, I am a mentor and a teacher of several Human Design advanced Courses both in English and French, online and in person.

With 17 years of experience in fitness and health as a Pilates teacher and a certified clinical nutritionist, I now integrate Human Design as a diagnostic tool in my nutritional counseling. Additionally, I am a certified Human Design PHS practitioner and a certified Human Design Rave psychologist.

I began my professional career 28 years ago as a teacher. I have created and operated several businesses in Europe and North America. From the experience, I have gained expertise to offer comparative career profile analysis. As a BG5 and OC-16 consultant, I use this cutting-edge knowledge of human behavior and group dynamics to give clients deep insight into optimizing the bottom line of their business.

Lynda Bunnell
Manifesting Generator
Carlsbad, California
Lynda Bunnell Lynda Bunnell's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 4/1
Location: Carlsbad, California - United States
Phone: NA
Email: lynda [at] ihdschool [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $200
Classes Offered: See Website

Lynda’s Story: Lynda Bunnell is the Director of the International Human Design School. Working closely with Ra Uru Hu since 1999, she was one of the first to begin teaching the public about Human Design and training Human Design professional Analysts and Teachers worldwide, including the first class of analysts under the new educational program re-structured by Ra in 2003. In 2005, she and Ra were among the first to teach Human Design on-line creating a virtual space where students from all over the world could meet and study together. In 2006 at his request, she re-introduced the Living Your Design Guide training program. Lynda has pioneered many of the training methods and modalities used in the on-line training programs today, and is the author of the Student and Teacher Editions of the Living Your Design books and co-author with Ra Uru Hu of the Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation.

Ra asked her to become the Dean of the International Human Design School in 2006, and in June of 2010 turned the school over to her completely, entrusting her with his educational programs as well as maintaining the global standards for education within The Human Design System. Lynda is a fervent pioneer in moving Human Design out into the world, and works full time to support and expand the community of students and professionals throughout the world, dedicating herself to preserving The Human Design System as taught by Ra.

“For the 12 years that I worked closely with Ra, I had the profound good fortune to be in effect his private student as we corresponded almost daily about the details of The Human Design System knowledge, and his vision for it. He taught me how important it is to maintain the authenticity of the knowledge he was given, and he confided to me his dreams, wishes, and overall vision for The Human Design System. In the process, he transformed my life and the way I view the world around me. And he instilled in me the tools I need to continue to bring this knowledge to all who can use it, and for this I am eternally grateful.”

"I love teaching and working with people and being a witness to their transformation. This is one of the most important steps for people and I am humbled and grateful that I get to be involved in this work. It is very important to me that the knowledge be communicated clearly and correctly. Each time I teach Human Design I am in awe of its magic and the mutation it brings to the lives it touches. I look forward to the next experience and meeting your uniqueness."

Lynda’s background includes thirty plus years as a successful businesswoman, and a passion for spiritual and metaphysical studies. She was raised and still resides in Southern California, and is the mother of two and grandmother of four.

Barbara Ditlow
Austin, Texas
Barbara Ditlow Barbara Ditlow's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 2/4
Location: Austin, Texas - United States
Phone: (512) 638-7977
Email: investbarb [at] gmail [dot] com
Website:Under construction
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $150
Classes Offered: Living Your Design

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference – Robert Frost

IF you look back at your life you can distill the course of events down to a few decisions that you made, which ultimately ‘made’ you. Your mind is constantly making decisions for you. Do you really have the power of choice or are you bound by unconscious programming and illusory belief systems operating independently of your conscious knowing?

From birth, each of us have fallen prey to tribal and collective ignorance, misinformation, indoctrinations, and negative programming. The human desire for self-knowledge is primal. It is the essence of the great mythological quests codified in cultural legends throughout history. The hero/heroine’s aspirations are fraught with challenges, seductions, betrayals, enchantments, entrapments; oceans must be crossed, dragons slain, swamps negotiated. Without mysterious interventions along the way, there is no victory! Without a fail proof strategy to ‘see’ beyond the illusions of the present condition, all is lost!
Each of us is the embodiment of that quest, unfolding moment to moment. Within your imprint is that mysterious success secret that can ensure safe navigation through your life challenges, reducing resistance and granting you a victorious homecoming. Over time, the effects of negative programming are lessened and your life becomes a life that is well lived!

Human Design is a metamorphic, deconditioning process, which changes you as you move more adeptly and confidently in your life, applying your strategy, guided by your inner authority. You experience your life in a different way. Or, you could say that Life moves through you with less resistance, revealing the power of your unique design. The teaching is simple. Each person has a unique energy imprint which defines one’s life purpose and the specific pathway to live its unfolding. It is not a destination, nor a quick fix. This transformative, shamanic process works through a deep surrender to its secret. It is the movement through the vibratory boundaries of the consciousness continuum, one decision after another, from the mundane to the sublime.

It is the profound awakening to your true self, without an intercessor, judge or holy person.

  • Are you ready to throw out comparative thought?
  • Are you ready to let go of the desire to be someone other than who you are designed to be?
  • Are you ready to release yourself from the tyranny of the mind evaluating and judging your worth?

If so, you may be ready to embark on your ‘hero’s/heroine’s journey! It would be my privilege to guide you through your process!

Background Information
I received my first Human Design reading in 2002. Its’ impact was compelling. I became a witness to its transformative process and gradually felt called to empower others with this body of knowledge.
As a 2/4 projector on the cross of the Sphinx, I am here to be a natural guide. I am designed to both provide direction in your life, as well as be a witness to your process. I am a gifted listener, adept at asking transformative questions. My diverse life experiences, coupled with my Human Design certifications, which include: Individual, Partnership and Life Cycle Analyst, Living Your Design Guide; Family Practice Specialist, Rave Psychology Color Transference Analyst, Rave Psychologist, and BG5 Consultant, insure that I am able to skillfully guide you through the process of maximizing your life’s potential and realizing personal success in you relationships, career, and finances.

Barbara Ditlow, M.A., M.F.A, is a certified Human Design Analyst. She has studied energy and esoteric healing with practitioners from around the world. Her expertise includes Feng shui, astrology, yoga, intuitive healing, art therapy, and cult interventions. Prior to her study of Human Design she worked in sales and marketing at CBS Publishing in New York City and was President of Metaquality, Inc., an international consulting training company. Currently Barbara is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Austin, Texas.

Carol Freedman
Manifesting Generator
San Rafael, California
Carol Freedman Carol Freedman's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 2/5
Location: San Rafael, California - United States
Phone: Please email Carol
Email: callCarol [at] HumanDesignandYou [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $195
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Living Your Design Certification Training, Rave ABCs, Life with an Undefined Solar Plexus; Line 2 Profiles (and other Profiles)

So you've heard about Human Design and some of the cool things it can tell you... Or you've had a reading, but want more (or figure there's lots more, but you can't quite GET it yet). This is powerful, potentially life altering information, and regardless of where you, I want you to have it in a simple, practical way.

Although I'm not THE Analyst for everyone, I may be for you if:

  • You're tired of feeling like you 'never fit,' no matter how hard you try... and you just want to be satisfied being yourself (if you only knew who that was)
  • You tend to second-guess your decisions, think over and over about stuff or worry a lot
  • You often get knocked off-balance by certain people or circumstances or behave in ways that are upsetting to you (and others). You often wonder 'what the hell's going on.'
  • You'd like to use your energy better, so you're less exhausted, less frustrated or angry and get better, more satisfying results. 'Making things happen' just isn't cutting it anymore. You know something has to change, cuz you're starting to see the impact on your health and relationships.
  • You're looking for the right work, people or places, but don't know how to find them. You'd like to find the thing (you know, that 'calling, job, situation') that uses you perfectly.
  • You're in business for yourself, but it's not producing the results you want and you have questions of how to market or manage your business more effectively.
  • You've used all kinds of systems, programs, etc. and none of them are producing the results you want.

Or you may have been learning or studying HD for a while and want to go deeper in a really meaningful way... and you want to talk with someone who can really see you, go where you want to go, knows HD intimately from both living and teaching it and can speak clearly and listen compassionately.

Either way, I'll start where you are and go where you want to go.

You may also want more support in these particular areas:

  • For Generators – making better use of your incredible response capacity, not only for decisionmaking, but also to really discover important things about yourself. Help using your energy better so you end up energized and satisfied, not frustrated and depleted.
  • For anyone in relationship with Generators – learning how to communicate and support them.
  • Discovering why you go down the same damn rabbit holes in relationships... and how to bring understanding and compassion to yourself and them so you can live with more ease and better results.
  • Living with melancholy or the impact of your open Centers.

I've been working with HD in my life and with others for 12 years and am certified in most of the major programs. I love coaching and teaching HD and have been an IHDS Faculty member for over 5 years. These days I enjoy doing deep dives with students into their open Centers (esp. Solar Plexus) and their Profiles (poorly understood and highly underutilized for the huge impact it has on your Design).

Feel free to contact me for readings, programs, courses, and coaching around deep diving and practial living of your Design. So, if this description calls to you, would you like to contact me? Explore and work with me?

Here's how to find me... Once we connect, we can exchange further contact information and explore if we're a fit. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Professional qualifications: Foundation, Living Design Guide, Advanced Teacher
Francis Bliven
Manifesting Generator
Oakland, California
Francis Bliven Francis Bliven's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 2/4
Location: Oakland, California - USA
Phone: (505) 603-4946
Email: fbliven [at] mac [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: NA
Classes Offered: NA

My focus in studying and teaching the Human Design System is on the basic elements of Profile, Type, Strategy, Authority and the Nine Centers. I strive to help people see what their Strategies with nuance and practicality. I hope to explain Human Design concepts with everyday language in an empowering way. I have been studying the system since 2003. My most recent projects were writing the Bodygraph and Profile reports that are sold through Human Design America. I like the medium of the reports because of their limited scope and how that challenges the reader to make the ideas their own.

Professional qualifications: Living Design Guide
Peter Berv
Manifesting Generator
Denver, Colorado
Peter Berv Peter Berv's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 3/5
Location: Denver, Colorado - USA
Phone: (303) 827-5755
Email: peter [at] novahealingarts [dot] com
Overview Reading: Written report: $50
Foundation Reading: $120
Classes Offered: Living Your Design

Peter has been deeply immersed in Human Design studies since 2010. He has led regular HD Meet Ups, study groups, talks and classes in and around Denver, Colorado and is passionate about bringing this knowledge to the world. Peter has a unique and friendly style of making this information easy to understand and accessible. Peter has a diverse background of experience and interests that allow him speak with authority on many subjects to which Human Design can be applied. Peter has a successful bodywork and healing practice in Denver, is a single parent, has traveled the world several times over, and is a self-taught musician of several instruments and recordings. He has been teaching classes for 20 years in science, business, psychology, meditation, and self-empowerment. An injury from birth put Peter on a quest for healing and to understand energy. That searching has taken him across the globe, studying several systems and ideologies. Human Design has been the culmination of that quest, being such an incredibly accurate and effective system of self-knowledge. Peter works with individuals of all ages, couples, and groups as a Human Design analyst, mentor, and Living Your Design Guide.

Professional qualifications: Foundation, Living Design Guide
Chiara Gasparro
Manifesting Generator
Sedona, Arizona
Chiara Gasparro Chiara Gasparro's Rave Chart
Type: Manifesting Generator
Profile: 1/3
Location: Sedona, Arizona - USA
Phone: (928) 300-6492
Email: chiara [at] esedona [dot] net
Overview Reading: Contact Chiara
Foundation Reading: Contact Chiara
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography, Consulting, Menoting and Special Programs Design by Request.

One day in 1997, there we sat, Ra Uru Hu and I, looking at my Human Design chart.

Wow!! I listened in awe as Ra revealed my DNA code, who I am genetically: a Manifesting Generator, with a specific life’s purpose, authority for decision-making, profile, areas of conditioning, deep wisdom, and more.

From that day on I live in gratitude for a simple, “mindless” way of living my Human Design, energized by my Breathing Imprint. Experimenting with the information, my life’s experiences are confirming that Human Design “works!!” Unhealthy conditioning dissolves into compassion for myself and others.

Since 1998 I, Chiara, have responded both to myself and others who yearn to know themselves more deeply, consciously, and objectively. Moving beyond the world’s collective fears, these people are awakening to unlimited potentials for creative expression and sharing even more of their unique talents.

How to empower themselves? Individuals who find me internationally, or at home in Sedona, Arizona, are ready to “see who they are” through their genetic Human Design, then go beyond the theory and “be who they are” empowered by their unique Breathing Imprint.

Can it be that simple? That just by being aware of one’s Human Design enables one to “breathe” it into the world?

Having moved through suppressed creativity myself and used breathing for self-empowerment, I now offer my services through “Breathing Human Design.” Whose Human Design? Mine. Yours. Apart. Together.

Since the day I met not only Ra, but myself as well I, a Human Services Professional, along with my friends and clients, continue to be amazed at the depth, clarity, and wisdom of the Human Design transmission. We experiment, experience, and empower ourselves as the differentiated beings we arrived on Planet Earth to be. Via personal and social media, this freedom, creativity and aliveness is now shared internationally, as hundreds of thousands merge into our Human Design Community. Welcome all!

A few years after Human Design found me I was having a Planet Kiron Return and Incarnation Cross Reading with Ra. Suddenly he said, “Chiara, your purpose in life is to bring consciousness into form through breathing.”

Yet another “WOW!”

He summarized my life’s transformative “work in the fields of play” in one sentence! And it was right there… shown on the map of my unique Human Design! Ra then approved several offerings where I have included breath, body and movement in my services, often guiding others on a personal “journey around their mandala.”

I continue nurturing my passion to “be who I am” by supporting my Human Design with my Breathing Imprint. While climbing Sedona’s red rock mountain trails, merging with the nature elements, and studying an ancient martial art that embodies the 64 Gates of the mandala, all came together into “Breathing Human Design.”

My ability to transmit the Human Design message, spiced with passion, humor, and a few stories, flows from years of ongoing Human Design education from Ra Uru Hu and other Human Design specialists, my intimate life’s experiences, plus immersion in ancient and modern health sciences. I enjoy including Human Design in my very personal consulting services as a Doctor of Group Psychology and Breathing Consultant. I have done a few thousand Human Design Analyses, taught Human Design Courses, trained Human Design Analysts, and, with others, I have co-created early foundations for Human Design internationally…  all in response to being asked, as the Manifesting Generator I am designed to be.
We are, each of us, living art… living, breathing masterpieces.

Carol Zimmerman
Los Gatos, California
Carol Zimmerman Carol Zimmerman's Rave Chart
Type: Generator
Profile: 4/6
Location: Los Gatos, California - USA
Phone: (408) 399-9994
Email: carol [at] humandesignsupport [dot] com
Overview Reading: $150
Foundation Reading: $200
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Rave ABC, Rave Cartography, LYD Guide, Introduction to HD for coaches, Transcending Melancholy

Remember that moment when you felt you were winning in your life? How did you feel?

Did you feel energized, joyful, loved, appreciated? Did you feel you were making a difference, truly seen for your gifts, and able to guide others? Was there a sense of accomplishment? Were you perhaps contributing to the creation of something or to someone? Did it stir something inside you? Did things seem to flow without the normal struggle as if everything was on track and synchronized?

Hello, my name is Carol Zimmerman. My guess is at that time you were operating in alignment with your own unique Human Design perhaps without realizing it. You actually tasted what it is like to Live Your Design!

Sadly, most people don't experience those magical moments often enough. Perhaps you've tried to recreate those times unsuccessfully wondering what the secret was.
Supporting my clients to take the mystery out of those moments and clearly see the cause and effect that exists between living their Human Design and every aspect of their life is EXACTLY what I believe my role as an IHDS Certified Human Design Professional.

The strategies that you are provided when you first get your initial Human Design reading seem simple... and they are. But I know from my own de-conditioning process that integrating them into your life requires mastering some subtleties that exist within your own design and figuring out how to relate that to the complexities of your life.

It isn't easy to do this initially by yourself because you are still operating with a lot of automatic behaviors and beliefs. Having the support of an observant guide, as well as others going through this process at the same time, can help you go beyond an interesting self-discovery exercise and create a structure that supports transformation in your life. It didn't take an hour to create the framework you are currently operating under. So why not take some steps to get support so you continue learning and experimenting?

Finding Human Design and supporting others through my knowledge of this vast System is a dream come true for me. It fits perfectly with my passionate belief that all of us were born as unique individuals because our world needs very unique contributions from multiple sources. If you are not living your piece of the master puzzle, you may not be experiencing the pure joy that is your birth right. You are also leaving an empty puzzle piece in life which no one else can fill.

You can learn more about me and the many services I provide at my website, or at where I am a long time faculty member.

I am also a professionally trained Master Certified Coach through the IAC (International Association of Coaching) and a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentially and Education. I apply my extensive Life and Business coaching skills with a focus on supporting my client’s to maximize their specific human design within their life, relationships, careers, and financial lives. And I am also in the process of completing my Advanced Rave Psychology and PHS/Primary Health System certifications as a Holistic Analyst so that I can further enhance my client’s mental and physical well-being.

So are you ready? If you inner authority says yes to me as your Human Design professional, let's authentically focus on living our designs! I'd love to hear from you. Email me and let me know what you are looking for.

Solange Arbesú-Sala
San Francisco, California
Solange Arbesú-Sala Solange Arbesú-Sala's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 5/1
Location: San Francisco, California - USA
Phone: (415) 759-1264
Email: humandesign [at] solangearbesu-sala [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $200
Classes Offered: Living Your Design

In 2003, while living in Penzance (UK), I was sitting quietly one evening when I heard a voice in a way that transpires when thoughts and ideas stream in, like in a dream. I heard the voice say that I ought to study DNA and genetics. I was then shown a picture of what I later learned was the Human Design mandala although I didn’t understand what it was at the time.

The very next day a friend of mine came to visit bringing with him an old copy of a magazine called Kindred Spirit. There on the front cover was the Human Design Bodygraph. I immediately recognized it as the image presented to me the night before. Soon thereafter I embarked upon an in depth course of study, spanning 11 years that continues on to this day. I have been given Human Design readings since 2004. 
There are so many paths and techniques to discovering the Self. It has been a lifelong pursuit of mine searching for all that will give insight to the mysteries of the psyche and what motivates human behavior. What I love about Human Design is how practical it is. You have a visual to work with – the Bodygraph illuminating the places of your deepest influence and confusion. You also can see areas of consistency, from where you draw strength and upon which you can rely. For example, when you think of passion, and you say, “I’m passionate about writing.” Where does that passion coming from? Is it from your head, your heart or your emotions? How exactly do you express it? And where in your body do you feel it?

When I received my first Human Design reading, I felt relieved because I sensed, on a fundamental level, that what I had just experienced was profound. It felt as if I had been gifted a map into my very own psyche. I understood that I had been given information how to better navigate life’s trials and recognize opportunities. As Marcus Aurelius said, “Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.”

The Human Design system enables you to engage with that source of strength. When I see that look, that spark of recognition in someone’s eyes when given a truth about themselves, I am reminded of what a pleasure and an honor it is to be able to share this body of knowledge.

Professional qualifications: Living Design Guide, Foundation
ReGina Concotelli
San Francisco Bay Area, California
ReGina Concotelli ReGina Concotelli's Rave Chart
Type: Generator
Profile: 6/2
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California - USA
Phone: (707) 888-3569
Email: regina [at] alignwithyourdesign [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $150
Classes Offered: Free Monthly Tele-gathering, Living Your Design upon request

Dear Reader,

It would be a pleasure and honor to introduce or enhance your experience of the Human Design System. Human Design is a rich, detailed, logical system which reveals your soul purpose, unique essence and so much more. A trained Human Design Analysts can look at your chart and uncover layers and layers of your genetics revealing your seat of power. The benefits come from your willingness to experiment or ‘testing out’ the system. My clients consistently report back after their session with me they have a deeper sense of self, feel more calm and confident, and notice their ability to make better choices. 

Human Design can answer many questions (some you may not even know you have) about your life and your relationships. As you experiment, you may find you only have to make minor adjustments to the way you operate. For others, you’ll notice you’ve had things turned around backwards. The only way you'll know is to try it. I’ve been experimenting with my Type, Strategy and Inner Authority since 1999. I was one of those people who had things turned around backwards. By practicing my Strategy and Inner Authority I know what people, places and situations are in harmony and when it is not. Human Design has improved every area of my life, especially my relationships & my vitality. I look forward to being of service to assist you in doing the same.

I'm a 6.2 Sacral Generator, Left Angle Incarnation Cross of Healing.  I've been a transformation coach, business consultant and trainer since 1996. I provide unique guidance; with Human Design as my window, for those who want to step forward with confidence and clarity both personally and professionally.

Visit my website for more details about my services and free resources including: tele-gatherings, recordings and articles.

I look forward to connect with you. 

Yours by Design,

ReGina Concotelli

Transformation Coach 

Human Design Analyst

Intuitive Advisor

Professional qualifications: Foundation, Living Design Guide
Becky Markley
Seattle-Redmond, Washington
Becky Markley Becky Markley's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 5/1
Location: Seattle-Redmond, Washington - USA
Phone: NA
Email: becky [at] humandesignforyou [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: $200
Classes Offered: Living Your Design, IHDS (Variety)

My story....I came to Human Design during a period of exhaustion after working hard 35+ years in various non-profit, governmental and private corporate business environments.  All along the way I had a hobby of experimenting with various energy healing modalities (like Reiki) and systems that gave clues to why we are the way we are (like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and handwriting analysis.)

Nothing really stuck until April of 2003, when I was invited to this system by a doctor who was helping me deal with "chronic fatigue syndrome."  As I learned more about the Human Design System, a recognition of its breadth & depth emerged deep within....a knowing that I had found something very special...

  • A way to see and understand myself and others, and life from a deeper and broader perspective than ever before.
  • A way to accept myself, family, friends and others just as they are, bringing greater peace in my life.
  • A deep trust in my ability to make my own decisions without looking over my shoulder for someone to tell me what to do.

Your story...

  • My role in all this is to introduce you to your potential and plant some seeds for your enhanced awareness and transformation.
  • By sharing these practical awakening tools with you, you may experience some long-awaited peace and success in your life. (I also share my experiences, ranging from totally giving up, to tremendous discomfort and frustration, to being in the light at the end of the tunnel.)
  • Would you like to live your life feeling comfortable in your own skin?
  • Can you imagine loving yourself? This is what happens when you live your life as yourself. 
  • You have the gift for an amazing shift in your awareness when you're ready.

I specialize in unique, made-just-for-you consultations that guide you through:

  • The physical transformations that lay the foundation for:
* the way you make decisions, 
* the way you navigate through life's ups and downs, and 
* the way you think and ultimately share your wisdom - as your true self. 
  • Ready for next steps?
  • Would you like some support and empowerment in your process?

If so, please send me an email with your birth data and we'll start talking. Along with the services listed above, I also provide Holistic Analysis consultations as well as a personalized one-on-one Living Your Design Workshop, as well as Variable/Radical Transformation Workshops.  I invite you to write me about these.

Wishing you living your best life as your unique self,

Peter Roth
New York, New York
Peter Roth Peter Roth's Rave Chart
Type: Generator
Profile: 4/1
Location: New York, New York - USA
Phone: (212) 222-7748
Email: peter [at] heartriver [dot] org
Overview Reading: $25 for 10 min
Foundation Reading: $150 to $250 sliding scale per hour (includes mp3 recording via email or on disc)
Classes Offered: I offer miscellaneous courses including introductory and classes about different specific aspects of design and LYD

I also have a weekly radio show called Energy Stew. You can listen to it at

I love when people realize the power Human Design has given them.  It makes life so much easier to make choices and create strategies.  Life is more satisfying when you clearly know the design you're here to live with.  Expectations are so much more realistic.

Ten years ago, I didn't understand the quirkiness of my life.  My behavior and choices didn't make sense to me.  I couldn't help but be the unique person I had become and didn't know why.  I had chosen an alternative and successful path as a spiritual healer and teacher yet had always been "different".  Once I learned my design, I understood the language and mechanics of being me and it all made sense.  I could see my many strengths and even my many weaknesses (which had their silver lining).  

When we see that we're here to live out our particular design, we can develop a lot of compassion for ourselves and be inspired to live it better and better.  It's a wonder every day to be clear about oneself

Human Design teaches us so much about life and about others.  We're all so unique!!  I love to give chart readings and help people see how special they are.  Each chart paints a clear picture that can only be you.

You've always lived your design but haven't yet heard this Human Design language about yourself.  It doesn't change who you are but helps you become a better you.  Self-awareness is a great empowerment!!

I've done over 1500 chart readings and each one is a joy.  It's fascinating to see the system at work.  I'm also working separately as an intuitive healer/counselor and people always ask me what the difference is.  I tell them that Human Design reveals their mechanics and intuition tells the story the mechanics have created.

I'll be so happy to help you know your language of design!!

Professional qualifications: Foundation, Family, Living Design Guide
Swaaha Wiskirken
Auburn, Olympia, Redmond, and Westport, Washington
Swaaha Wiskirken Swaaha Wiskirken's Rave Chart
Type: Manifestor
Profile: 1/3
Location: Auburn, Olympia, Redmond, and Westport, Washington - United States
Email: iamperfectlydesigned [at] gmail [dot] com
Overview Reading:
Foundation Reading:
Classes Offered: Living Your Design Guide Classes/Workshop

After spending many years with spiritual organizations and various corporations, with a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science and many other certifications, teaching Meditation, Counseling others, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Ayurvedic Lifestyle, I met Human Design. I actually met Human Design several times between 1999 – 2006, rolling my eyes at the thought , I assumed it was just another self-help, quick fix system, I was sooooooo very wrong!!! Finally in 2006 I actually gave Human Design my attention. I am a 1/3 and investigation came naturally and I had to turn over this rock too!! I found a system that literally explained everything to a perfect 'T' of Me and my Life. I did not have to try to force myself into a circle or square to make this system fit for me, it just revealed me to me! Not the BS Shining Lights True Self that we here about in all the books, speakers, Gurus, and try to embody. But the True Self of Specifically Me, not anyone else or the cookie cut version , that we all have been conditioned to think we are or should be. Human Design System and learning my personal strategy and authority, awakened me to Myself in a way that I have always known was there but yet never was ever able to explain no matter the courses, classes, teachers, Gurus, I have met along my path.

We are all Perfectly Designed, there is absolutely nothing we ever had to change about ourselves. But with the conditioning that has been slathered over us as children and adults, we have to now go through an unfolding process to get back to who we really are.

As an 1/3 Emotional Triple Pplit Manifestor on the Right Angle Cross of Tension, Swaaha empowers and brings up and out the spirit of her clients and students to the next level of transformation. Swaaha is certified as a Human Design Living Your Design Guide, and Swaaha has special interest in working with all walks of life and a deep interest in working with parents and children learning and experimenting with their design.

But as Ra has said, ‘do not take my word for it, check it out for yourself and see what is revealed to you or not.’

Professional qualifications: Living Design Guide
Donna Dugo
Boca Raton, Florida
Donna Dugo Donna Dugo's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 4/6
Location: Boca Raton, Florida - USA
Phone: (954) 261-6677
Email: dmdscorpio1 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Overview Reading: NA
Foundation Reading: NA
Classes Offered: NA

I was born in Brooklyn NY under the sun & moon in Scorpio - I can remember when I was born starting from minutes before I entered the world & was introduced to my parents. My brothers would often joke around by saying, "she remembers coming down the birth canal" LOL - Actually I do, and in 1968 (at 6 yrs old), I startled my mom, she turned pale as a ghost, as I revealed to her all of my memories that I had up to that point in time. I have been searching all my life for an explanation of how & why I can remember so deeply - I have a profound memory whereas, 1st time situations imprint in my mind with full details of sight, smell, sounds & thought. I have yet to find others that share this at the same level. After the death of my beloved mom - I went on a personal quest to find these answers.

In 1995, I received my first Natal Birth Chart Reading from a professional Astrologer. I found that Astrology answered most of my questions, I was so fascinated that I became a Student Astrologer. In December 2008, my Astrology teacher suggested that I subscribe to the Mountain Astrologer Magazine and so I did. On January 10th 2009 - I received my first issue and as I opened the front cover I found an ad all about the Human Design System, a Cosmic Science. I was intrigued by the combination of these ancient systems. Upon receiving my Rave Chart, I learned that I am a Projector 4/6 - after I found the info to be completely accurate for my chart - I proceeded to check the charts of all my family, friends and co-workers (that I had birth info for). It was amazing - the info about the personality traits were completely accurate for each individual that I checked. At last I found the "missing link" a system that answered the rest of my questions.

In February 3rd 2009 I received my 1st Rave chart overview - followed by a Foundation Reading - the rest is history - from that day forward I have been an avid Student of the Human Design System - finally the answer I have been searching for is - my profound memory comes from having a Defined Mind with strong Gates of memory on 4 of 5 levels of consciousness. I learned that by following the Strategy (Wait for an invitation) and Authority (Outer) of my Type (Projector), I changed my life for the better and today I am happy to announce that I am a certified professional Living Your Design Guide (LYDG). With Special Thanks to my Astrology Teacher, (Lyn Hammond-Gray), a Manifestor that invited the Human Design System into my life.

Professional qualifications: Living Design Guide
Randy Coleman
San Marcos, CA
Randy Coleman Randy Coleman's Rave Chart
Type: Projector
Profile: 1/3
Location: San Marcos, CA - United States
Phone: (949) 235-1482
Email: jrandalc [at] pacbell [dot] net
Overview Reading: $150
Foundation Reading: NA
Classes Offered: NA

I came to Human Design in 1999 because a friend had found it and was so excited by the knowledge that he insisted that I had to check it out. I did and thus began my journey. At that time you could not have found a person more unlikely to be a part of this sort of being. I spent most my first seven years proving to myself that this was real, then studying the wheel itself. The wheel proved to be the most profound thing that I could ever encounter. So, after many years of doing some of the on line courses and listening to Ra, I decided to pursue a Living Your Design course for certification. As a 1-3 Projector, this of course was just my path to finding my own foundation.

I feel strongly that being able to try to live your design without too much attention paid to gates and channels, etc. is the best way for most people that come across the Human Design knowledge to find out what it is like to live as yourself. Everybody experiences exposure to this knowledge in their own way, so I like to give people simple examples of how their type operates for common situations. It is simple, but not necessarily brief because it only takes a few questions for me to deeply personalize the discussion. For more in depth analysis, such as Primary Health System (PHS) for instance, I can refer people on to our many other qualified professionals. This keeps me from having to explain all of the detriments, etc. while still being able to ask the right questions to keep the overview tailored to a specific individual.

I have not taught any LYD courses because I have not encountered the correct situation to do so. When/if that invitation comes, I will certainly consider it. But for right now, what I’ve been doing seems fine.

Professional qualifications: Living Design Guide
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